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Mar 11, 2013 · I have what appears to be bruising on my lower lip. It appeared suddenly out of nowhere. It is not raised, nor bump like. Just blood under the skin, like a ruptured vessel or capillary. There is no pain associated with this. Some of the internet answers are scary .. cancer, heart disease etc. Could there be another logical explanation?.

In the next moment, a sudden bump on the road comes and Emily's naked boobs reveal themselves to me. She opens her mouth slightly to show me the cum inside and then gulps it down. She then gives me another glowing smile while licking her lips and fingers. I recently fell and hurt my bottom lip. I had a semi deep laceration; I did not get stitches. The swelling went away and the actual laceration healed itself I am now left with a sort of "bump" or nodule on the inside of my lip where the laceration was. It is not noticeable unless I push my lip against my teeth.

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Warmer temperature and the fact that you just reset the mileage calculation. The farther into a tank, the less you notice short periods of good mileage (the bumps get averaged out). I get my best mileage readings in warm weather, with a warm engine, right after I fill up and reset. Sometimes then I will.

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